Saturday, 29 November 2008

Weekend Wonders

After a few days broiling in concerns of one sort and another I've been rescued by my man with a lovely weekend of romance and wintery bliss! A relaxed candlelit evening and the Andy Goldsworthy DVD was followed by a foggy photo shoot and a bit of striding on Cannock Chase this morning, so far this winter web image is my favourite.

Worries have been banished, I am a fortunate lady.

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

So here I am

So, here I am, having resigned from full time teaching to give some time to creating, I'm having a wonderful time! My friends are being guinea pigs for items and my first ever charm bracelet was a leaving gift for the wonderful Miss Scott who is heading off to teach in South Korea in Jan!

The Scotty Charm

I've got my photographs up on redbubble and my jewellery on folksy and am awaiting delivery of my first lot of packaging materials to get some jewellery sent out!

Exciting times!

My next couple of jewellery items were inspired by Charles Frazier's fabulous Cold Mountain including these two bracelets:

'Black Bark in Winter'

'Ashes of Roses'

And now I must be off to make!

Monday, 17 November 2008


You can shop directly on my website or the following websites:


Prints and Paintings

Sunday, 16 November 2008



I am Laura Cameron, born and bred in lovely Northern Ireland, studied in beautiful Wales, spent a few years as an English teacher in England and now I am enjoying life as a self employed artist and jewellery designer maker and part time adult education tutor living in the beautiful Scottish borders.

My photography tends to reflect my love of being outside and my work is heavily influenced by my own sense of the places I'm drawn to again and again. Having been thoroughly consumed in teaching and the desire to be 'useful' I did not pick up a paint brush for years since my degree but now I've been challenged to reconsider what 'useful' is.

This blog is a record of my attempts to get back into painting and drawing, to learn new skills with my jewellery making, to explore the inspiration around me and see where it takes me.

Thanks for stopping by!

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