Sunday, 21 December 2008

Nowhere Like Northern Ireland

Yesterday was Christmas number one, today is my friend's wedding and tomorrow I'm going home to Northern Ireland for Christmas number two with my family!

Yesterday I won the latest 'Nowhere Like Northern Ireland' group photography challenge on redbubble (a great community for all you artist types - worth checking out!) with my digital ttv style 'Over to Donegal' photograph.


I've nearly had my lovely EOS 400d for a year now, it is my favourite thing (as opposed to people and dogs!) and I've had a great time photographing this year at home, Norfolk, the Peak District, Florence (still excites me!), Wales and Cannock Chase.

So as he gets ready to do his yearly rounds I'd just like to say again, thanks Santa!!

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Dental Doom and Badgers

My lower wisdom tooth has been aching since Friday, the dentist has poked and provided drugs and feeling a little grumpy I had a nosey on folksy and couldn't help but chuckle at this little fellow:

And thus my theme for folksy perusing for today was born - badgers! This little creature of felty, handstitched loveliness above was created by Lupin Handmade.

Then there is Penny Dog's Resin Necklace below:

And if all this badger talk has inspired you to make your own - thanks to Lime Cat Crafts you can:

I feel better already!

Friday, 5 December 2008

Winter Whites

A few winter white (and blue and silver and grey!) favourites from folksy on this frosty Friday evening!

Winter Tulip Earrings by Mia Belle Jewellery

Snowy Birches by Richard Johnson Photography

Snowflakes bracelet by Noodlefish Crafts

Grey Knit Unisex Collar by iLEAiYE

Wednesday, 3 December 2008

New Folksy Shop!

Yesterday I had to give up an 'art' day to do an extra day's supply teaching; bills to pay ya-de-ya-de. The school was one I hadn't worked at before and I had a pretty good day there, very impressed with the organisation - I was given a supply pack on arrival with a map and outline of the school day and all the lessons were planned and ready to deliver! Made origami with a low ability group in a lesson on imperatives (fun!) and met a little girl's cat who was making a visit for the last lesson of the day - I really wanted to go to that lesson instead of teach yr 9!

So today on my only day away from school this working week I went Christmas shopping for all my friends on this side of the Irish sea and opened up a new shop on folksy for my Art work: maintaining my redbubble name the shop is called Red Shed Art

This evening I played around with designing a shop banner and am starting with a black and white square cropped kind of a look, I think I'm still under the influence of those frosty webs at the weekend!

There are postcards on order and I'm going to list some images available to buy as prints and I'm going to finish that ttv painting which is still leaning up against the wall upstairs and I'm going to break open the four new square canvases I got today and then I'll have a mini series of paintings for my new shop!

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