Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!

All the very best to you all for 2009!

I'm looking forward to silver fossils, blow torch and pmc experiments, circles and hearts, getting out with the camera, moving house, ribbon, silver wire and a knitting nancy (found that while 'tidying' my stuff in my parents' roofspace!), reading my new books, meeting Rosetta and celebrating with R by booking Florence in a month's time - and that's just the first few weeks of the year!

And just how cute is Marley?! The latest addition to the family, rescued by the lovely people at the Dogs Trust, he is only ten weeks old and is settling in really well with his new doggy family Shadow and Jilly. Not to mention the humans who are all doting on him! One more week to go and he'll be finished his jabs and will be able to venture into the big wide world outside the garden and I'll miss it as I'll be back in England! Though I am positive there will be photos of his adventures winging there way over the interweb and I might just post some here.

Once again Happy New Year!

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