Friday, 16 January 2009

I love lists

The folksy forums are jam packed with blog links and whilst having a peruse through some of them I stumbled across an etsy seller who has started off 2009 with weekly goals which she has been reviewing every week. So thanks to the author of Moon of Glass I feel inspired to do something similar.

My goals for this week are to:
1. Arrange a meeting with a Creative Launch Pad advisor
2. Order necklace chains
3. Organise the studio - well the jewellery bit to start with
4. Finish unpacking

A lovely list I can come back to a confess to what I haven't done or celebrate what I have! I've actually done one already today but wanted to put it on the list just so later I could go 'yay me I did something brave which involved phoning strangers!'

An unexpected day off thanks to a water pipe problem in town meant school had to close on Tuesday so I've managed to do the tedious address changes and a few other moving type things so hopefully by next week everything will tidily have a place and I'll be able to get making again!

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