Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Lists and Listing

Today is my first Tuesday not at school for ages, hooray! My new timetable kicks in this week and having two whole days to devote to getting this creative venture off the ground is very exciting. I've been fidgeting around wanting to get on with making and listing new jewellery items on my folksy shop but never had enough time. This turned out to be a good thing as I've had a chance to scribble a few ideas and sketches and give some thought to what order to list new items to fit in with what I've already listed.

Over the last few weeks I have made a few things and now I have the time again (joy!) I've set about photographing a few new pieces and listing three jewellery sets. I'm pleased with how they have turned out and if you fancy a look just click on the mini pic below.

As for the other lists . . .
Last week I planned to:

1. Arrange a meeting with a Creative Launch Pad advisor
This is the one I'd already done! Ha! Got a meeting this Friday morning and I'll no doubt be posting about how it went, what I learnt, what I need to do ya de yade!
2. Order necklace chains
Done, and I resisted buying a load of silver clay and resin stuff, must pace myself and wait til pay day (tomorrow, phew!)
3. Organise the studio - well the jewellery bit to start with
This was a joint effort and it looks great now. A proper working space and as I type R is in the corner at his new table (a lovely pine job we got from ebay for £13, score!) working away. Might have to take a few pictures for you.
4. Finish unpacking

Very nearly, almost there! I have one box of school files in the boot of my car which might just have to find a drawer in a classroom for! Apologies in advance to GEM for messing up her room!

I've a few ideas already for what the next week's list, but that can wait until the next post.

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