Tuesday, 13 January 2009

New, New, New

All sorts of newness! I started my new teaching timetable which will be a handy two and a half days a week for the next two terms but for the first three weeks I'm doing a bit extra taking it up to four days a week, so not much making getting done. Over the weekend I moved house and am so happy to have done so! My sister and best friend's hyper sense of organisation must have rubbed off on me at some point when I was home for Christmas as I got everything packed, boxed, transported and cleaned so efficiently that I was able to hand my keys to the old place over on Saturday instead of tomorrow when my tenancy ends. The superbly energised organisation hasn't quite continued as I'm still not quite fully unpacked and arranged and my car might still contain just a few small things I have yet to find a home for. . .

In celebration of the move and whilst lamenting the passing of Christmas lights for another year we have been looking at the beautiful ceramic burners created by Lauren Ceramics and might just have to purchase one as a little house warming gift for ourselves. But which one? Oh, have a look they are gorgeous!

More new news comes in the form of my very talented mate Andy, otherwise known as Pagan Wanderer Lu, who is releasing a new album 'Fight My Battles' whi
ch you can buy early here!

1 comment:

Lauren Denney said...

nice blog. one handmade oil burner with oil on it's way to you. hope you like it. thanks. lauren

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