Sunday, 1 February 2009

Happy Heart Month

It's the first of February so Happy Heart Month to you all!

Fret not I have not gone overly giddy due to anniversary celebrations (aaah!) or succumbed to St. Valentine early so there's no need to urgently contact those responsible for me with dire warnings of commercialised love stupor.

No, I am simply drawing your attention to the British Heart Foundation's National Heart Month with the hope that you may click on the link below, read some incredibly useful, life saving information and forward it on to those you care about. If your wallet hasn't been too crunched there are plenty of opportunities to join the campaign and donate to this fabulous organisation on their own website. During this week you will start to see some heart jewellery appearing in my folksy shop and £2.00 from each item sold from this range will go straight to the BHF.

Please look after your heart.


1 comment:

Laura Johnson said...

Thanks to those who bought some heart jewellery - £10.00 has been donated to the BHF because of you!

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