Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Jour de Resin

Today is the day I try using resin for the first time.

I am excited and indebted to Skinner Studio for a fantastic tutorial on how to get started - there was a recent thread on a folksy forum about using resin and I highly recommend Skinner Studio's blog. Last night, after school, I sealed some Japanese paper my sister brought me back from one of her many stints in Asia - she teaches English as a second language and left for China on Sunday, happy adventures lovely lady! I'm also going to try using some of the champagne coloured beads and something sparkly for my first set of samples, I've been asked to make two significant birthday gifts and, if I get the hang of resin, how cool would a personalised resin bangle be?!

Stumbled across a lady on flickr
(she sells on etsy) who makes gorgeous resin jewellery and kept coming back to stare in admiration at this. Wow.

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