Friday, 6 March 2009

Pigeon Hysteria

On Wednesday I started having pangs of wisdom tooth progression, I cheered it on gleefully, go on tooth, you can do it you can fully emerge into my mouth rather than my head and then stop hurting, go on, go on, go on! This has been going for years and my desire for this bloomin' tooth to finally bloom has turned to despair, dismay and, quite possibly, delirium. The lovely dentist lady explained what was happening and if this horrendous pain happens for a third time they will remove the upper wisdom tooth opposite the struggling lower one. When she told me this my first thought was, there's nothing wrong with that one, get rid of the one making me crazy! But her explanation seemed to make sense, risks of removing lower wisdom teeth, cheek chewing prevention and so on. It's now Friday and I didn't sleep at all on Wednesday night and got about two hours last night, so what have I been doing to while away the hours and distract my mind from the doom . . .

Can't concentrate on reading and don't want to spoil my book with the smell of clove oil and my whimpering, can't potter in the studio as I have had several visions involving long nose pliers helping the tooth along a bit so I've been looking through some pictures and have created the image below and played out several conversations between the men and, indeed the pigeons, then there was some overlapping and the whole narrative went a little awry so I will just share the picture and leave it at that!

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Julia Guthrie said...

Oh no...I hope your tooth makes up it's mind what it will do soon! Tooth ache...gah...the worst!

Highly amusing picture

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