Saturday, 4 April 2009

Easter Goodies

The UK Handmade scene is blooming and Folksy is bringing the best of Handmade right into your home, you really must check it out - gifts galore or a little something for yourself . . .

Here's a wee look at some fabulous Easter themed items a
vailable now:

First up is the "Cute Easter Bonnet Girl" pendant from A Resin Revival - a shop packed full of resurrected vintage images resin'd up for your delight!

Next up is Snifff the Easter Sock Bunny, who like all the bunnies from The Warren is adorable! I have a little one ready to post for a little girl's second Birthday! Yay!

This lovely Spring Chicken Bowl by Prince Design UK is perfect for all those little things that roll around messing up your tables, or is that just me?

Then there is my very own Easter Egg Charm Bracelet pasked with glass beads which made me purr they are so lovely!

Last up is the Easter Chicks Diddy 'Lucy' Tote Bag by Nicsknots which I might also have perhaps, maybe purchased!

1 comment:

The Bunny Maker said...

Thank you for featuring Sniff! All the bunnies at The Warren are getting silly and overexcited at the thought of Easter approaching!

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