Sunday, 12 April 2009

Folksy is full of Fabulous People

Since joining Folksy I've found some inspirational people who have been very kind in advising me on many a question so today I just thought I'd say a quick thank you to them all!

So Thank You!

Alison of Ali Bali Jewellery who helped me out right at the begining with my shop's terms and conditions and has since answered my silver clay questions.

Laura of Lupin Handmade who, after setting up her own site answered my queries on
using a Mr Site package.
Lauren of Lauren Ceramics pointed out some spelling errors on my blog, phew!

Marie from Angel Silver who advised me on setting up a second shop.

Lottie Lodge who sent me a spotify invite!

Jenny Flower Blue
for free books!

Kate from Paperleaf Studios for all her help with my website queries yesterday and has now posted a great blog entry on the subject.

Becci of Fired Silver for including me in her pay it forward! I'll be posting my pay it forward soon so keep an eye out!

So thank you kindly each and every one of you, I've been a tiny child turning to anybody nearby and repeatedly asking why, how, what and I'm very grateful to you all!


kate said...

Aw thanks Laura! I love the folksy community, everyone is so helpful and it's nice to pay it back sometimes :) let me know if you have any more wordpress questions! happy Easter x

Alison Reid said...

Thanks Laura!!

Lauren Denney said...

Thanks Laura.Anyone who knew me would probably laugh as spelling isn't my strong point. I think i only mentioned it as someone told me i'd got a major store name spelt wrong on my list of shops, i felt a bit silly but also really glad that she'd mentioned it as i'd been wrong for ages.

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