Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Ten Jewellery Tutorials - the Basics

Ten jewellery making tutorials I've found useful over the last few months, starting right at the start last Summer when I sat at the kitchen table with a pair of four in one pliers, some headpins, beads and earwires staring at instructions and making very dodgy loops!

1. How to turn a loop on a headpin

2. How to wire wrap a briolette

3. Making a wrapped loop

4. How to open and close jump rings

5. How to make your own earwires

6. How to finish off memory wire

How to make an S-clasp and hook

8. How to make a beaded charm bracelet

9. 12 minute video on the basics of jewellery making

10. Spellbound Bead's Techniques Page
This page links to several great resources on tools, findings, wire, threading materials, chain, knotting techniques.

Hope you find these as useful as I have.


amanda lee said...

What a great list. You're making me feel creative, miss. :-D

I found your blog through the Problogger 31BBB challenge, btw...nice work. Keep it up!

AMIdesigns said...

oh really good reads! thanks

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