Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Etsy Support Still Ace

But I still can't sell there! Boo! I tried registering but got the error message 'please enter a valid credit card number', so emailed support and, whilst again super speedy to reply (about ten minutes this time!) they can't do anything for me at the moment:

Hello Laura,

I am so sorry for the trouble with your card. We really want you to
become an Etsy seller without any hassle. Unfortunately, we have found
in some cases, that international cards like ************* cannot be
accepted by our system. Etsy is working on ways to improve the system so
that everyone can join. We are so sorry for the inconvenience, and we
hope that you will continue to enjoy Etsy using a regular account. If
you get a different type of card, please do check back in with us to see
if it works for you.



Etsy Support

So Etsy is still out!

Never mind, I'm off to bed!

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