Thursday, 21 May 2009

Thank Goodness it's Thursday

Thursday is my new Friday! I've had a somewhat emotional and exhausting week, but good things have come my way too. On Tuesday I had an interview with the WEA and it looks like I'll be a tutor for them in September. I have to speak to a man tomorrow about the possibility of running a poetry based course in September and I'm very excited about the new opportunities this opens up for me. At the end of my interview I spoke to the lady who arranges the courses and she is keen for me to run some 'Arty' (her word!) taster sessions at the end of June so hopefully I'll have my first chance to teach Art - eep! Looks like it will be an introduction to making jewellery using beads and wire and possibly some Art appreciation and painting too. All a bit different to teaching English to 11-18 year olds!
By Saturday we'll be here! Yay!

Tonight is purely for relaxation, aided by a nice bottle of wine kindly given to me by a student, and a bit of packing as tomorrow, we're going home to Northern Ireland for the week and I can't wait!


Nic said...

OOh good luck with the adult learning and have a great half term!

Laura Johnson said...


Silver Moss Jewellery said...

That sounds like a fantastic job description! I'm loving that photo . . . have a great break.

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