Wednesday, 22 July 2009

28 is Great

Yesterday I turned 28 and so far it's great!

School's out for Summer.
I've been treated by lots of lovely people to lots of lovely things.
The sun has come out this morning.
My new camera battery charger has arrived, without warning, at R's parents'!
We're going on holiday for weeks and getting to see many fabulous people we haven't seen in months.
We'll be on the beach, in the sea, up the mountains, round and possibly in the Lakes!

So to share the joy I'm having a giveaway! Just comment on this post letting me know what your favourite item from my shops is, when we get back from holidays I'll pick a comment out of the hat and the item is yours!

Check out my:

Jewellery on Folksy

Photographs on Folksy and Artfire

See you all soon!


Glassprimitif said...

Happy, happy birthday. It' my birthday next week but I'm not 28! I love this in your shop
cos your jewellery is seriously cool!

Laura Johnson said...

From Facebook:
The sun is going to shine loads so just enjoy all your holiday, I know I am going to :) and the trouble is I love it all but particularly the deep purple bracelet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Happy Holidays xxxx
Caroline E

skinner studio said...

Sounds like a fabulous holiday - I hope it is everything you wish it to be!

I most definately love this bracelet:

It looks like raindrops - beautiful!

Silver Moss Jewellery said...

Hapy Birthday! And have a great holiday too!

I love this photo - because it reminds me of how beautiful detail is . . .

Silver Moss Jewellery said...

Whoops, sorry, my link didn't work . . .

Kitschy Coo said...

A very happy birthday and hope you have a great holiday! It was hard to pick because I love them all, but I think my favourite is Down to Il Duomo:

Thanks for the chance to win!

Jo said...

Happy birthday for yesterday!
Thanks for entering my giveawy - I thought I'd enter yours too.

My favourite is definitely the Benone photography, it's beautiful.

Laura Johnson said...

From Facebook:
I like the photo of Benone - when is Rich's website up? I want to buy some of the ones of the cathedral he took.

Vicki said...

Hi Laura,
my fave looking item of yours is your deep purple charm bracelet. :)
Hope you both have a fantastic holiday. (I look forward to seeing all your pics when you get back.) Going to miss you next term. :(

Jem said...

Hi La!
I love it all but I think my current favourite is the pair of Silver Sea Swirl earrings. Hope you are enjoying your travels. See you soon xx

polka said...

hi, I love this print in your folksy shop
Its so delicate and I just love close up details

Unknown said...

Hope you had a wonderful holiday. You've got some really beautiful photographs, but my favourite is definitely Down to il Duomo, ( For me, it really captures the essence of Florence, and the way that the Duomo tends to loom large over you wherever you find yourself.
Hope you're well,
Zoe x

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