Monday, 17 August 2009

A helpful hint from a helpful man

Yesterday I travelled home with a well known economy airline. Like many I went for the cheapest possible option selecting online check in and hand luggage only. I meticulously measured my little case to make sure it would fit within the hand luggage restrictions, weighed it and even removed my beloved laptop so it wouldn't exceed the weight limit. Even though I had travelled with the same airline and the same case before with no problem I was a little nervous. Why? The cage of doom which the supercilious staff demand your case fit into before boarding the plane. At the gate I was sneered at when the my little case wouldn't fit in and blushingly stepped back to let the man behind me have a go with his nearly identical case whilst the £30 demands were made by staff. The man's case went in no problem and he whispered to me as he went by "put in in upside down." So I did and it worked! The little case slid in and the two staff members, after consultation with each other had to admit me and my little case with no extra charge, their faces suggesting they might have just missed out on a bonus for swindling innocent travellers but ha!

A great £30 sized dose of gratitude to the kindness of strangers and for all of you travelling with little wheelie cases remember to stick it in the sizing cage upside down so the wheels don't block it's chance of proving it is as tiny as it looks!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Laura! Very useful. I have many helpful hints on taking a lot of luggage on cheap flights, but I will not share it on public forum. You never know what Michael O'Leary, the chief executive of Ryanair, reads. -Witek

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