Tuesday, 25 August 2009


I've been back home in Northern Ireland for just over a week and am having a splendid time catching up with my lovely family and friends, including the two beasts pictured above who are probably faring better than me after a weekend ploughing through the waves up at Benone. My right shoulder is aching after throwing Shadow's beloved ball, just check out his focus! I do feel hugely fortunate to have a family I adore and I don't just mean the dogs!

As I'll be going back to school in September I am having quite a few holidays this summer and have a happy amount of photographs building up! Next week I'll be back to work making up new designs, re-stocking my Folksy shops and investigating my new photographs.

1 comment:

AMIdesigns said...

Oh you should have popped in for a cuppa! gorgeous pick, I have yet to visit Benone beach though, we tend to go to White Park Bay

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