Tuesday, 8 September 2009


This week feels like the real first week of September as it's back to school time and already the hints of the heavy work load are batting against the window and it's hard not to get a bit low. However, I am only in school part time and have to mean part time to keep up with everything else. In my two days a week I have two free lessons so do you think I can plan, mark and create resources for five classes, eighteen lessons in two hours a week? No? Nor me but I am hoping to keep all school work within just those days.

Port Vale

Popped into a meeting at my new school and the department are nice and then today I've had to drive up to Stoke to a WEA meeting at Port Vale's ground. Those who know me know I hate trying to drive on the motorways over here, more than two lanes and my palms start getting sweaty! Ha! But with only a minor panic I made it and got to hang out in an executive box overlooking the pitch, I'll have been at all league grounds at this rate with educational organisations favouring a football ground for their own training!
Within the next week I will find out how many people are on my jewellery making course so I can get the tools and materials ready to go and then with a bit of paper work tweaking I'll be ready to go on the 22nd September, exciting!

I have an ever growing collection of jewellery ready to photograph and list so that will be tomorrow's task, as for now, I'm going to relax and enjoy R's fabulous vegetable curry, ay it ahhh!

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AMIdesigns said...

Oh looking forward to hearing how the jewellery course goes! It's rotten being back at work, isn't it

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