Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Top Ten Craft Fair Essentials

In the run up to Christmas we're attending a few craft fairs, so far the essentials list reads as follows:

1. Jewellery - labelled and priced
2. White tablecloth
3. Wooden bowls, mirror and boxes for display,
4. Business cards, sign or banner saying who you are, where to find your work after the fair and accepted payment details
5. Gift wrapping bits - pillow boxes, tissue paper, raffia, tags and brown paper bags
6. Cash box and float (coins and notes), calculator
7. Receipt book and order forms
8. Stationery - pens, scissors, sellotape, blu tac, notebook for recording sales, customer / contact details
9. Camera
10. Refreshments

What else is on your craft fair essentials list?


Unknown said...

got my first one coming up soon.
I was wondering about lighting. Do you take a light or something?

Laura Johnson said...

Am going back to a venue that is well lit so not for that one, get in touch with your venue see if you need extra lighting, ask if you will have access to electric socket, will you need extension lead or will you need to find a cute battery powered lamp. Where is it? Good luck!

Vic at Blossom and Snowflakes said...

Thanks for the comment. I can't think of anything else I take to craft fairs. Good luck with them. And hope the move goes well too! x

Cath Friend said...

And a smile! Fab list, might be using it as a check list!! Where are your fairs?

theothermousie said...

Sounds pretty thorough!! I haven't done a fair since March & have a big one in November to plan for. There is always so much to think about with them!

Laura Johnson said...

Thanks Vic, getting excited!
A smile, of course!
Good luck everybody, hope they go well for you! xo

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