Monday, 9 November 2009

Colours of Christmas - Naturals

Woke up to the first foggy frost of winter this morning and so I'm now allowing my thoughts to turn towards all things festive, it's on its way! Yay!

With all the beautiful colours of Christmas starting to weave around us I thought I'd bring you a few colour themed festive selections from Folksy over the next few weeks.

First up the lovely fire lit, rustic naturals:

  1. Christmas Star - Prim Chick
  2. Ceramic Heart Decoration - Prince Design UK
  3. Heart Shaped Fire Lighters - Rainbow Fairy Dust
  4. Clove Soap - Sarah Harper Simple Living
  5. Christmas Gift Set of six rustic wood candle holders - The Log Basket
  6. Driftwood Christmas Tree - Driftwood Designs
  7. Rustic Angel - Julie Pritchard Arts and Crafts
  8. Mouse - Northfield Primitives
  9. Magical Christmas Heart Hanger - Helen Jane's Designs


AMIdesigns said...

Oh you have found some stunning Christmas items! gorgeous

Nic said...

There are some lovely pieces on there. I especially love the hearts from Prince designs. I have them on my favs list ;)

JamesB said...

Loverley Jubbly, a great bit of curation James @ Folksy

Primchick said...

Oooo... thank you for including me on your blog ;0D

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