Sunday, 20 December 2009


I'm officially on holiday! It all started on Wednesday afternoon, after my last ever jewellery making session with the lovely ladies in Rugeley it was Christmas Eve number One! R and I had a lovely evening full of twinkly lights, carrot cake making and mulled wine sipping. Then Thursday was Christmas Day number One which was splendid, Santa even knew we were having Christmas early and left us some goodies! R treated me to a fabulous gift which I'm very much looking forward to watching!

During the morning we went for a dander on frosty Cannock Chase, captured some new textures and even enjoyed a few whisps of snow then returned to create the feast and it was mighty! Whilst the festivities were rolling at May Cottage some people were still at work and we got news that the solicitors are looking at an exchange date late January so our move is progressing! Some super freecyclers had given us a host of boxes and R has started packing, me, not so much! Am pleased that we have a few weeks after Christmas to get ourselves sorted and so relieved and excited that it's happening, we're moving to Scotland in a month!
But first, sssshhhh, we've got Christmas number Two swiftly approaching and I'm now back on the mainland that is Northern Ireland, it has been snowing steadily through the night and is getting rather heavy now, early morning photography tempted me but no further than snapshotto in the garden, it's just not the same without R!
I hope you are all enjoying the approach to Christmas,

love and blessings,

L xo

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