Thursday, 7 January 2010

January so far

So, the first day of the year started in fabulous fashion. Beautiful frosty winter's morning, my parents packed up the motor home and we headed up to the north coast with the dogs. We had such a lovely time, laughing at Mister Softee and the general strangeness of snow on the beach then cuddled up inside for soup and toast. Then the tooth ache began. It's my last wisdom tooth finally coming through and it hurts. I flew back to England on Monday and was able to get an appointment that afternoon, I'm on all sorts of tablets and it still hurts so I'm going back tomorrow.

Felt rubbish that my last few days of holiday spent with my family were mainly me trying to sleep or moaning and my first week back with R has been spent with me mainly trying to sleep and moaning. Apologies to you all!

This year February is going to be the new January I think. All the new year freshness and time to get organised, tidy and plan will have to wait until we get moved and I don't have tooth ache any more! More letters are flying between us and solicitors and so we should be in our new home by the end of the month! There will be pictures, trust me!

Hope you are all enjoying the New Year and that you are coping if you are snowed in, if you are you might want to check out this great list, it won't magic you a few pints of milk in when you really need them but it might ease the boredom of staring at the same walls all day!

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