Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Laura Cameron on ArtFire

As some of you know I set two free studios, one for jewellery and one for art work, on ArtFire to see how I got on, after a few months with no sales I had to decide what to do with it and, after much consideration and the prompt of a special offer, I have gone for a verified account and combined my studios.

Click image to see ArtFire Kiosk on Facebook!

I still have a shop on Etsy and have had a few emails requesting prints but nobody has actually bought one. It is a beautiful website in some ways but I have gone for ArtFire as my international site because I have been able to prepay a set amount and that is all the expense out of the way and it is less than what I would end up spending to be visible on Etsy. I am now free to list as much as I want over the year and not have to pay any commission it's all paid for, makes accounts just the small bit simple. There are several rather lovely features including selling directly through Facebook and my blog and the new forums are rather fancy allowing signature links and bringing up very enticing images from the shops of those who have posted in each thread, clever!

With my new combined studio I am still facing the quandary of not having an over all look to the studio as there is a mix of jewellery, photographs and paintings, but I would have this quandary on any site. I've kept them separate on Folksy but thought I'd experiment with the categories on ArtFire to see if I could create a coherent collection. If you get a chance I'd appreciate you having a quick look at my studio and leaving a comment on how you think the current categories work - I'm wondering if they would be better like this:

Black and White Photographs

Colour Photographs


Oil Paintings

I'd appreciate your time and thoughts!

January is the month for fiddling with these things as the real new year starts for us, hopefully, next Friday when we , hopefully, move! Living surrounded by boxes, not able to get in with creating and awaiting news of final dates is getting a little tedious but, again hopefully, this time in two weeks we'll be settling in to our new home in Scotland!

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2 Good Claymates said...

Hi Laura, I discovered your blog and Art from Art Fire and want to pass on an award to you. You can receive it on our blog:

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