Saturday, 23 January 2010

Moving House

Our move is still on but it's been delayed. It had all been going so well and we were due to move to our lovely new home in Scotland next Friday but now it looks like it will be another three weeks taking us into mid February. It really is a bit frustrating, for us, our buyer and the couple who are selling to us.

So I have become drawn into trance inducing Cafe World on Facebook, been reading and done a wee bit of teaching but really, I think I'm going to have to unpack the jewellery tool box and crack on with some n
ew ideas. I am determined that I should ignore my new sewing machine until we get settled but I really want to have a go!

As for R, it all got too much and, thanks to ebay, he has a new project to keep him occupied for a few weeks. . .

There he is amidst the boxes starting to dismantle his new old Dawes bike ready for restoration. Oh, it'll be good to get moved, away from cardboard boxes, back to work properly and out on the bikes again!


Elaine, Ellies Treasures said...

Oh, moving house - I remember it so well. The ups, the downs, but most of the all the waiting! Just think how great it'll be once you're in your new home.

Have friends who moved to Skye last summer - they love it there, but we miss them terribly!


Mands said...

oh thats soo disappointing for you!

I think that were expecting a bit more snow so I hope it cause a problems during your move!! good luck.

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