Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Glass Heart Pendant

Yesterday my teal glass heart pendant was included in Folksy's love themed featured items. That was rather exciting as it's the first time one of my items has been included! Then, within a few hours it sold, hooray for the Folksy front page! Then when packaging up the necklace I noticed it was going to an address just two streets away from where I lived as a wee baby! So another piece of my jewellery heads off to Northern Ireland, but this time to somebody I don't actually know!

This made up for the growing irritation at house move delays, yes we are still waiting! Thanks to those who have been asking and sharing the doom!


claire said...

Well done to get your beautifull necklace featured and sold!!
what a small world it is though, fancy sending it so close to where you used to live !!

Linda Vincent said...

Oh this is absolutely beautiful Laura.....no wonder you sold it so quickly.

Laura Johnson said...

Thank you both! xo

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