Sunday, 21 February 2010

Good News

It has been a rather strained few weeks as one move date after another passed into history with us still firmly not moved. Much of what has been requested by our buyer is completely reasonable, what has been so annoying is that it was left so very late. We have been at serious risk of losing the house we were hoping to buy due only to the successive delays and it's even impinged on my parents' holiday to visit us, grr!

On Friday we had another hurdle of negotiation and were preparing to settle down to yet another weekend of waiting for Monday's phone call from the solicitor. Then late morning the phone rang, discussions were had and we prepared to wait again. Then just a few m
inutes later the phone rang again with happy news that finally everything has been sorted!

So, yes there is still a little bit more waiting but this time when we arrange a date we should actually be moving on it! Hope I haven't just jinxed everything! We're enjoying a grand weekend of actual relaxation and looking forward to our new home, seeing family again soon, setting up or work space, going to the beach, riding our bikes on empty roads, lounging in front of the fire, meeting new neighbours, exploring, working without banging your elbows on packed up belongings! Oh yay!

Northumberland Sunset October 2009

It feels like such a long time since we saw the house which should soon be ours. All the way back to October, yes it has been a long wait! Bring on the rolling hills and splendid sunsets!

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Unknown said...

Ah the joys of home ownership. This stressful time will be behind you soon and you'll be basking in your new digs.

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