Tuesday, 30 March 2010

Dental Floss

I like a certain type of dental floss which, so far I've only found in one shop. It's a shop I don't go to often so I stock up on dental floss when I'm there and only need to visit once every few months.

You've got to look after your teeth!

Tomorrow, I'm going to go and buy dental floss and it upsets me greatly. Not the dental floss really but the fact that the last time I bought dental floss and many other buy once every few month type items it was supposed to be the last time before we moved.

Things were looking positive with the return of Ms. Cream Bun. Yet still we wait, for another visit from another professional in conjuction with the sale. So we've now been waiting around for six months getting increasingly frustrated and while I'm in town I think another visit to the estate agents might be necessary.

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