Thursday, 27 May 2010


This week has, again, been all about the website and, finally, I do feel like I'm getting somewhere with it. Whilst living in the computer I have ordered tools and soldering bits and bobs so I can crack on with developing my new jewellery designs, there will be pictures soon, unless I break everything with my new hammer when it arrives!

I was hoping to show you some of the simply pretty sea glass and pottery pendants I've made, however, the chains I ordered were not up to standard so I've returned them and am waiting on a set from a different supplier. No chains means no photos yet but soon, that's all you've heard from me lately, soon, soon, soon! I promise, I mean it this time! They are gold plated, a change for me as I usually wear and make silver pieces, but I am really rather taken with these.

So, in lieu of new work photographs this is the view over the garden this evening and what I have been looking out on when I lean back in my chair before diving back into the world of website. Just a snapshotto but I like it! For now I'm going downstairs to sit in front of the fire and eat cake; made it yesterday and even though Delia doesn't support buttercream I quite frankly do and jam and coconut, yes it was one of those cakes.


2 Good Claymates said...

What a pretty and inspiring view! Have some cake for me too!

Eddy G. said...

ahh you really do live in paradise - and cake too LOL

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