Friday, 25 June 2010

David Hockney at Berwick Gymnasium Gallery

This morning we went to Berwick Gymnasium Gallery to see the exhibition of David Hockney's etchings inspired by a selection of Grimm's Fairy tales combined with an exhibition of local children's book illustrators. It was my first visit to the gallery and it is, may I say in my ponciest manner, such a fabulous space!

It was an odd experience looking at a series of images of a story I know and then moving on to one I didn't; moving from recognition to curiosity with just a few footsteps. Fortunately the gallery provided story books so I read them and went on another tour of the prints. 'The Rose and the Rose Stalk' illustration for Fundevogel was one of my favourites with the light cross hatching on the petals looking like woven fabric.

The front of the gallery housed the children's book illustrations and it was really well presented to give you an idea of the artists' work in progress. I was particularly taken with the little moles from Vanessa Cabban's illustrations for Bringing Down the Moon shown below.

The exhibition runs until the 27th June so you'd better hurry if you want to catch it!

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