Saturday, 12 June 2010

This Week

This week I've been drilling lot of pieces of sea glass and pottery, completed my tax return, ordered more needed supplies, had a lovely evening with the Johnsons, made some back plates for bezels, had an order for the pendant below in sterling silver, applied for inclusion in Craft Scotland and tried to go for a run. I say tried to go for a run because it was a bit of a fail! I went out intending to do just a short one as I haven't been running regularly for about a year but when I got to the point I should have turned back I just kept going as I knew there was a loop I could take and it feels better to run a loop rather than to a point and back. So I kept going and then, after the third hill I had to admit defeat and walk for a bit. Slightly shocked that my stop watch was heading up to an hour I realised the loop I thought was just a couple of miles was considerably more. When I returned I snooped on map my run and turns out it was 5 miles! It will take me a while to build back up to that again, especially with those hills!

This morning R and I went out on the bikes and did the same route, only the other way round, stopped at the bridge to go down to the river and had a wee plodge in the sunshine. Beautiful smile inducing morning; I love living here!
Back home for an afternoon of sanding and football.

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