Monday, 19 July 2010

Sea Glass Pendant

Last week I had a go at setting a piece of sea glass using bezel wire around the outside but no back plate to allow the light to shine through the whole piece. There was a great deal of experimentation with this one but I was pleased with how it turned out. Due to the imperfections this piece remains a sample, which I'm happily wearing, but I had already selected a few flat pieces of sea glass I thought would work well to have another go with.
Over the weekend I started making the bezel for an unusual and deeply beautiful green triangular piece of sea glass. It was going well until I tried soldered the loop on the top; it jumped in the heat and hardened at a wonky angle. So I had to heat it up again to melt the solder and remove the loop before trying again this morning. It went so much more smoothly this morning and I was able to set the piece in a nice smooth bezel. I worked on pushing the bezel wire with the bezel rocker for a good wee while and the glass looked good against the silver. It looked just about ready for starting the final sanding process and with just a few final tweaks with the burnisher and I cracked the glass. Arses.

Properly broken. Not like the ever growing pile of wonky, not perfect, not suitable for public scrutiny pieces which make up my jewellery box but so broken it's destroyed. That pretty much set the tone for today's work and it was a bad idea to work with the gorgeous piece of white glass which looks like a dog howling at the moon. I'd been saving it for ages and, even with a heap of insulating paste, the glass cracked a little. On the positive side it is now in my private collection!

Ah well, moving away from my work table to prevent further calamaties did force me to update my accounts. Cos that's always fun. Hmph.

Bring on tomorrow!


Eddy G. said...

I love your sea glass - I'll be watching for more in your Artfire shop

Aly McLoughlin-Harte said...

You are so very talented Laura and so driven. Fab work!

Laura Johnson said...

Thank you Eddy and Aly!

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