Friday, 13 August 2010

Back Up

Hello all!

I've been somewhat missing from the internet due to the doom of a failed hard drive. I hadn't done a full back up since the end of April just before we moved but fortunately as the drive was crawling to it's final resting place I was able to save a few essentials; mainly my accounts, tax return and some new photos. Thank goodness I didn't lose too much and that my tech savvy brother was able to guide me to purchasing and installing a new hard drive. I only had to phone him four times, yay me!

Nobody wants to lose their fave silly photos!

So I'm back with a streamlined computer and here to remind you to back up your files right now! Think of those photographs of your beloveds, the hours you've spent on your online shop photographs not to mention the weeks you have spent on your accounts. Hear me now! Back up!

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