Thursday, 30 September 2010

Olive Green Sea Glass and Silver Ring

Beautiful new deep olive green sea glass ring.

I've only made a few rings so far and this is by far my favourite! Somewhat foolishly I made it to fit me and now I would like to keep it, but no, it is in the shop for somebody else to enjoy.

Every part of the ring has been hand crafted, apart from the fabulous piece of sea glass which was probably dropped into the North Sea hundreds of years ago, smashed to pieces and then smoothed to the lovely oval shape it is now. The shank has been made using D shaped sterling silver wire for extra comfort and the bezel setting holding the glass has a recycled fine silver base and fine silver sides.

Both the colour and the shape of this piece of glass are unusual and as soon as I picked it up I knew it was going to be a ring as it is a great size and fairly flat so would sit well in a bezel.

This morning I have two chains to finish up before adding sea glass to the necklace and the most ace double sided blue patterned pottery to the bracelet. Then this afternoon we're heading to the beach at low tide as it has finally stopped raining and I have run out of earring pairs. I'm hoping to have many more pieces for the four Christmas fair days coming up so I'd better crack on!

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