Friday, 15 October 2010

New Recycled Silver Heart and Sea Glass Earrings

An almost finished, ready for the final light sand and polish pair of recycled silver heart and sea glass post earrings, please excuse the poorly lit photo - it's dark outside and I wanted my tea too much to get the light tent out!

All the sea glass earrings I've made so far have been on handmade earwires rather than posts so I wanted to design a style for those who prefer ear posts. These are super light weight and really rather sweet. There should be a few pairs of hearts and a few with stars finished by next week. I'm nearly at the magic number of pieces I want to have for the next fair so there will be new items on the website soon, very probably including some of these earrings.
Two weeks to go until Christmas fair number one and there is still an awful lot to do! My new battery powered lights arrived today and are rather splendid so I will have to have a practice set up once I've finished making my new display stands - I hope they work! If they do I'll post pictures; if they don't we shall never speak of them again.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!

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