Wednesday, 6 October 2010

Workroom Wednesday

How are you getting on with your festive creating?

With my first Christmas fair being a two day event at the end of this month making is in full swing.

Sea glass earrings have proved popular since I launched my new range in June, however, I think I underestimated the trickiness of finding pieces suitable for pairing. So, I roped R in (fortunately, he doesn't take much in the way of persuasion to forage around the shore for a couple of hours!) and we visited a couple of favourite spots on a mission to find some glass for earrings.

Over the weekend I sprawled out on the floor with our haul and played a giant game of pick a pair! After my mother's comment about my childhood collections of beach stuff I think my regression is well on its way! Anyhoo, I managed to match up a few potential sets and, after an afternoon's drilling and today's wire-y tweaking I now have five pretty pairs of earrings sitting on the workroom windowsill ready for a tumble and final polish.


The little bits you can see creeping into the left hand side of the picture are being collected for some rather delicious little Christmas decorations, more on those when I've finished tweaking the design.

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