Saturday, 27 November 2010

Advent Sunday

This morning was bright and lovely in contrast to the blizzardy grey of yesterday when we went out in an attempt to take some photos. It took a bit of tramping in wellies to get up the hill to Church this morning and, unsurprisingly there weren't many cars trying to get through the village. I did see one turn into the road which leads up the hill only to slide back down, give up, park and walk!

Not many people made it out this morning as the roads are still a bit rough, however, it was wonderful, on this Advent Sunday to be reminded afresh of the watching and waiting shepherds of the Christmas story as we prepare to celebrate the birth of Christ.

After a few low moments, probably exacerbated by the cancelled fair making me worry about money, I was wondering if I really was supposed to leave a well paid job to go and do something creative. This morning's fellowship with unexpected communion (the few who arrived for early morning communion thought it would be wiser to clear the snow for the later service!) left me with a sense of assurance. I still don't know exactly where my work is heading or what opportunities will arise, I'm still new to this place and the people I'm meeting but I'm here and I'm glad.

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