Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Borders Christmas Fair October 2010

Saturday morning bright and early driving to the fair on a beautiful autumnal morning. The snapshots out the car window don't do justice to how gorgeous the colours were, especially the sunlight on the Cheviots in the distance.

The first set up of my stall which changed over the weekend as I removed a few more pieces from the boxes and laid them on slate. For those of you on twitter who saw it in the making check out my new Richard Johnson original sign!

I met some fab people over the weekend and had such fun watching people's reactions to my neighbours' stalls: the delectable cup cakes on one side and insect jewellery (loads of pics on FB) on the other!

There were so many stalls, too many to list here but I must also mention Laura's Chocolate because, well, just have a look!

The event organisers seemed really pleased with how much was raised for Help the Heroes so thank you to everyone who came out over the weekend, to those of you who bought my jewellery, to the man who did a double take at my stall before giving me a lovely piece of white sea glass from his pocket, to the fascinating agate man for all the agate info and to all my new sea glass collecting recruits!

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