Friday, 5 November 2010

St. Abbs Winter Wool Festival

In August I had the good fortune to meet a lady who runs a fabulous wool shop in St Abbs, which led to me having a stall at her Wool Festival and tomorrow R and I are returning for the winter Wool Festival in St Abbs Community Centre from 10am - 6pm.

We're both looking forward to a fun day and will have plenty of gift and card ideas ready for you to peruse, including the skinny bangle pictured above. I soldered three half loops to the bangle frame before wire wrapping the sea glass droplets so which ever way it drapes on your wrist their will be a visible piece of pretty sea glass.

1 comment:

Linda Vincent said...

Laura, the bangle is beautiful.... simple but beautifully designed. And so nice to know the glass droplets come from the sea. I love it :-)

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