Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Woolly Weekend

Just look at this wee face! Meet Enoch, one of the Cairndinnis alpacas and such a beautiful creature! He was there with his half brother Archie who was more interested in his hay than posing for me! Both lads were at the St Abbs Wool Festival with John Smith and Carole Christian from Cairndinnis Alpacas who had a display of their gorgeous fleeces, yarns and knitted gifts.

R and I shared a stall and had a grand day chatting to lots of lovely customers, cooing over Enoch and Archie (ok, that was mainly me) and watching the sea through the window opposite our table.

You can see more of R's lovely work on his website.

We had much more space than our previous collaboration and I think our display has improved a lot since then making it easier for people to browse.

I do love my driftwood sign and, hopefully, you'll see my other new display bits: the slate cake stand on the far right and my battery powered LED lights. These have proved to be a really positive addition as they illuminate the jewellery and the batteries last ages - I finally had to change the batteries after two and a half days at fairs! The little angle poise ones were about £4 each from an ebay seller and whilst the area it lights is quite small and spot light like you could easily get a few more if you needed more space illuminated.

The two Wool Festivals I've done this year have been great so we've booked in for all three next year in February, August and November. After the last year of uncertainty with moving it feels good to be able to actually plan ahead this time.

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