Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Workroom Wednesday

Things were going well with thirteen pieces ready for tumbling and final finish. Then, when smoothing off the ends of the second to last pair of earrings for the day I dropped my hand held drill and bent my only cup burr. Thinking I could maybe just straighten it enough led to it snapping. Oops. Still thirteen pieces nearly finished and a whole pile of bits started means I won't have a sparse looking stall at Saturday's fair.

More good news is that my new letter punches arrived so I can now add lettering to silver. I've wanted to invest in a set of these for ages now and, thanks to a new customer requesting a special message, I've gone ahead and bought some.

And it snowed today! Just a light dusting but still, snow! Let's hope it doesn't keep people away from the fair. I noticed on twitter the gallery owner I'm visiting in Rothbury next week said they have a lot! Eeep!

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