Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Sparrow Hawk

Yesterday we had a visitor in the garden. I'd just gone upstairs to the work room and glancing out the window I spotted a large brown lump on the grass. I was without my spectaculars but could tell it was a bird. Knowing the 'run/fly away if you see anybody with a camera' rule strictly adhered to by all wildlife, I thought it was still faster to grab the nearest camera, whack a big lens on and have another look than it would be to run down and get my glasses.

Fortunately, this lady was so focused on the potential meals fluttering about our garden she gave me time to catch a few shots.
The images are a bit ropey as they were taken through an upstairs window but still, it's a sparrow hawk!

1 comment:

BeadyPool said...

Wow isn't she fantastic. We had one visit us a few years ago, but she got into our was a along day trying to get her back out, rather scary day too.

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