Tuesday, 1 March 2011

First Fair of the Year

Last Saturday R and I had our first fair adventure of the year at St Abbs' Wool Festival run by the lovely Louise of Woolfish. It was a good day and despite still feeling a bit tired and run down getting out and talking to people about work did wonders to banish the despondent feelings which had been creeping into my sleepy head. You know the ones which hammer on about not earning enough and having to go and try to get a job you don't want to do. Just as they were serious enough for me to get a job application form other opportunities are starting to appear on the horizon and I calmed down again with the reminder that I am still in the first year of being fully self employed and just need to crack on and not fret!

Each day this week has bloomed into glorious sunshine which is boosting my energy greatly. I have been combining jewellery photographing and
website updates with cycling around this fabulous place we call home and sticking bulbs in the garden with wild abandon.

It's a good mix and resulting in me finally getting my website a little bit more up to date. I've listed a few new pieces and will be adding more once I decide which bits of jewellery will be going to my new stockist - more on the who, what, where on that soon! I'm loving the way copper works with the tones of the sea glass and pottery in these pieces and am looking forward to working with more copper.

Tomorrow R and I are starting a Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector course which was recommended by the Workers' Education Association when we taught for them. I have really enjoyed teaching jewellery workshops and am hoping this course will lead me on to planning some new ones; all part of the cracking on!

Let's hope this spring delight carries on - I have siblings flying this way and it would be ace to have some sunshine to accompany their visit.


Jill Bennett said...

Hi Laura,yes the sunshine has been a very welcome tonic....your stall looks great, love the hand painted sign, best wishes. Jill

Swirlyarts said...

Love that necklace - it's gorgeous! I just had to feature it on Cuteable this morning!


Eddy G. said...

I love your display - very natural and uncluttered

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