Friday, 4 March 2011

Green News

I have joyous news - at long last I have a UK supplier of recycled silver!

This means that my next order of silver will be made up of recycled silver! I am so pleased that I will be able to create my jewellery from over 90% recycled materials as all glass, pottery, silver wire and sheet will be recycled! I also have a lovely stock of recycled copper sheet to use which I'm having fun exploring. The roughly 10% new materials used in my jewellery are fine necklace chains and lobster clasps.

I am hoping my new supplier will agree to be featured on my blog to tell you all about their work but until then if you would like their contact details please get in touch. It is so exciting that now jewellers in the UK have access to recycled silver and hopefully the large precious metals will take note and ethical metals will become the norm.

In more green news I have an even more exciting* announcement to make: laundry balls work!
After a few years of seeing these laundry balls in the shops and wondering if they work R's Mum mentioned she had bought a set and was really pleased with the results. So, today we bought a box and I have just hung the first load of washing out. I am pleased to announce that without any laundry detergent or fabric softener the socks are indeed clean and lovely, I hope it works every time as it's all rather pleasing for thrifty and eco reasons! There are loads of reports online about these laundry balls being eco-gimmicks but if this first wash is anything to go by they are working and I'm hopeful!

Happy Weekend to you all!

* update on the eco laundry balls, they ain't so hot after all! After a week I find on certain garments which have been in close proximity to armpits the eco balls don't remove deodorant whiffs so I'll have to add a wee bit of detergent in with t-shirts. Otherwise, still good!

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Unknown said...

Great news about the recycled silver! I've tried laundry balls but didn't think they were very good. Maybe the ones you got are better!

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