Monday, 25 April 2011

David Hay

Well, the fair at the weekend was very poor on the sales front in that there were none. That's right - two days, no sales! I think many people were away holidaying as the turnout was very low considering how much effort had gone into advertising by the organisers. Still, I don't think I'll be booking another one.

Today has been a designated day off as we've been working hard on completing the PTLLS course, creating pieces for sale and attending fairs. This morning was the start of a much needed Spring clean and this afternoon we went over to an exhibition at Duns Castle.

River Walk David Hay
image courtesy of Art Amoria

There was some fine work on show and the stand out artist for me was David Hay. His layered glazes create atmospheric and absorbing landscapes and it was good to see a collection of his work together. I have only ever seen one painting of his before and was impressed that each piece on show today, from the very small to the very large, were all of great impact.

We paused down by the river when out on the bikes this morning and nattered about how much we love living here. Tomorrow marks a whole year since we moved and I can fully confirm it was a good move!


Jill Bennett said...

sorry to hear about the much work, don't get too disheartene, your work is beautiful. Have had a couple of similar experiences. Hold out for lots of Xmas sales! regards Jillxx

Laura Johnson said...

Thanks Jill, it is disheartening but I'll crack on! Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Spring!

Emma said...

I always tell myself I'm making all things for really!

One year already! We have no regrets...11 years! I guess the recession isn't helping anybody, wherever we are ;)

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