Thursday, 26 May 2011

Rainbow and Sea Glass

We've had a lot of rain and wind over the last week or so and even a few rainbows. Fortunately there has been no damage for us or our neighbours apart from a few flattened daisies and a timid little cat looking a uncertain of being outdoors.

Yesterday was finally a bit calmer and we went for a breath of fresh air a
nd a poke around the beach. It is one of my favourite beaches nearby and even though we were only there about an hour we got a decent collection of glass and pottery and a pebble that looks like a thumb - look at the top left of the image below and use your imagination . . .
Some gorgeously smooth nuggets in green, aqua and white, a piece of pottery with the word 'SERVE' still visible and, if you look closely right in the centre of the photo, a tiny piece of purple glass. The purple is tiny and a bit rough around the edges but it is purple so I had to bring it home. I think it is the first piece of purple sea glass I have ever found and I'm going to have to find a use for it!

I am (still) waiting for my first delivery of recycled silver so it's all a bit slow at the workbench until it arrives. I have a number of pieces at various stages of completion which I can't do any more with until I've got the silver. I think my next order will be a year's supply to avoid these lengthy waits, ho hum, lesson learned.

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