Saturday, 11 June 2011

Lily Lolo Mineral Make Up

Music videos and now make up reviews?! Have I transformed my blog into some sort of style magazine?!

No, no, no but I have discovered a make up I dig so I'm sharing it with you lovely people as I know some of you are interested in environmentally friendly living and this stuff helps.

Lily Lola mineral cosmetics have
"achieved cult status by beautifully harmonising natural, chemical free ingredients with the ultimate in mineral based technology", have BUAV approval and are made in the UK.

I started investigating mineral make up after reading about the giant list of nasties in most regular liquid foundations and thought I really don't need to be slapping that crap on my face. Initial investigations led me to expensive brands and I let it drop. Then, when R asked me to marry him I inevitably started thinking wedding thoughts and wanting to look decent on the day seemed a good excuse to research a little further.

A few months ago I discovered Lily Lola and ordered the sample set pictured above which gives you three different colours of foundation, allowing you to colour match to your own skin before ordering, a face powder and a mini kabuki brush for application. I was quite excited to recieve the pretty box and even photoraphed a before and after to see how the make up looked. The foundation feels much lighter than the liquid foundation I was using and gives a much more natural look, I don't wear heavy make up so I liked this aspect a lot.

All very pleasing and I thought I would order a full size foundation in my shade of choice. However, the best was yet to come. Those of you in the UK may remember a few weeks ago we had heat. The sun came out for a week and it was delightful. Well, usually at such times I have to slap on the factor 50 and no matter what type of face sun cream I use I end up feeling slimy and get spotty. Bleugh. Whilst not having an official SPF rating Lily Lola mineral cosmetics do have natural sun protection and, having tentatively put it to the test I can confirm I did not burn even slightly! I feel like I have to put this in context of just how good this is with an example from a few years ago when I was one of the teachers on a Duke of Edinburgh exhibition in the Peak District, in the rain wearing an SPF moisturiser; I got sun burned apart from the nice white stripe across my forehead where my head band had been. Forshame.

Anyway, so the make up is grand stuff and not very expensive. A large pot of foundation costs £12.49 plus p&P and judging by the small amounts required at a time this should last a fair while. I highly recommend a peruse around the Lily Lolo website for more information, including a stack of useful videos on how to apply mineral make up.

I was so impressed I bought my sister the trial kit for her birthday. To offer balance to this review I must add that she is slightly less convinced of the merits of the make up because of the transformation of her artfully arranged boudoir into something from a low budget junkie film due to the spatterings of powdery residue decorating her dressing table.


BeadyPool said...

I'll vouch for this makeup too, it is great as is bare minerals. I love Lily lolo's eyeshadow colours, they do a great range and as you said they are natural - what more could you ask for?

Laura Johnson said...

Indeed, tis splendid! Looking forward to trying out some other bits and pieces, will be a wedding treat!

Emma said...

Nothing like a bit of slap, how does it stand up to rubbing the midges away?!

Love those bangles - my kids know where I am by the sound of mine ;)

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