Monday, 6 June 2011

Recycled Silver


I have been working away with my first delivery of recycled silver wire and am very happy with the supplier. If you are interested in using recycled silver you can order directly from Capella Ltd and I'm hoping to bring you further information on the company soon.
Last week Ute Decker's newsletter appeared in my inbox and included this little nugget:

Interested in Chain
in 100% Recycled Silver?

I have found a UK chain maker who would be willing to make chain in 100% recylced silver.

The more jewellers the cheaper the chain.

If you are interested, please send me an email with "Chain" in the subject line and roughly how many meters of chain you might need per quater or 6 month.
Once I have more details I / the chain maker will get in touch with you.

Subject: Chain

This would be an excellent step forward as fine chain is now the only part of my silver jewellery which is not made from recycled metal. If you are interested I hope you will email; offering ethical and environmentally friendly jewellery is not just a good thing for your business.

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