Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Day 2

When we moved I thought about taking a photo a day to document our first year in Scotland, however, with the chaos of moving it did not happen!  So, inspired by Lee May Foster-Wilson's (of Bonbi Forest fame) Project 29 I am aiming to take at least one photograph a day during my year of being 30.  My birthday photos (grr to not taking photos of R and I prettied up for dinner!) are day one so this post brings you day 2. . .

Detail from beautiful David Austin Rose box which we found sitting by the front door after the AA man dropped us off.  Much cheer, thank you Lynne!

Farewell leggy lilac, thanks for flowering once! R entering stage left ready to pounce and rip it out!
There will be a range of photos from the mundane to the beautiful, carefully edited or fresh and blurry from a camera phone.  I hope it will be an interesting record for me and insight into the goings on here for you.  I doubt I will post each image daily but more likely in weekly posts and I'll create a flickr set to keep them all together.  So far there is a distinct garden and flower focus to the photographs I've taken already, well I am learning!

Cutting out a new border by the garages, this is very much a 'before' shot!
Hope you enjoy the year! Stick around, there should be some good ones early June 2012, just saying!

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