Sunday, 7 August 2011

Day 10 Allanbank Open Studios

A visit to Allanbank Mill Steading Open Studios
Home of textile artist Pauline Burbridge
Drawing by Charles Poulsen and Quilt by Pauline Burbridge
and her sculptor husband Charles Poulsen

I actually visited twice, once with some artists from Church and then I really wanted R to see the work so I went back with him the day after!  There was so much to look at I am glad I had the chance for a second visit.  Charles Poulsen's growing sculptures grabbed most of my attention and have been lingering in my thoughts since discovering them.  I feel there are comparisons to be made with Andy Goldsworthy's work; an interesting contrast between growing sculpture and, in a sense, dying sculpture as many of Goldsworthy's pieces use natural materials which are already dead, fallen leaves for example.    Just a thought and not fully formulated as you can tell, I greatly admire the work of both men and am struck by points of comparison.  There may well be an evening watching the Andy Goldsworthy DVD again.  Think on.

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Helen Smith said...

Oh how lovely! I have long been a fan of Pauline Burbidge's work and her husband's looks great too.

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