Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Day 13 - 16 Holiday!

Those of you who follow me on twitter may have noticed my recent moaning about exam marking.  It was hard to keep up with jewellery work during the marking period and if I get an examiner job next year I won't book any fairs during that time.  Working solidly for weeks on end without a day off was not a great idea and, even though I had my birthday off, I still felt a bit tired out and so was very ready for the very generous wedding gift of a holiday!
Day 13 started with a jewellery making workshop with an ace group at Palace Green Pavilion.  I was utterly exhausted by this point and the photo taken during the session shows me a very pale faced, drooping lady!  After teaching Rich and I packed up and went to meet some lovely friends at their holiday lodge up north a bit.  Luxurious and a most welcome break.

Day 14 started with breakfast on the balcony in blissfully warm sunshine.  Rich was sleeping off his whiskey tasting, the Rogers' went out for the morning and I sat and read in the sun.  It took me about half an hour of fidgeting and feeling I should be doing something before I relaxed and enjoyed a few more chapters of Anna Karenina.  The afternoon was spent in the swimming pool, sauna and steam room and oh my it was splendid!

Day 15 found us osprey spotting at Loch of Lowes.  Sadly, this year all the osprey's eggs failed and this may have been the reason we didn't see either birds on our visit.  We'll go back next year to see what we can see.
Day 16 - the last day of our holiday and we made the most of it with an early morning swim, big breakfast and waterfall adventures as we took the long way home.  Huge thanks to Mr, Mrs and Master Rogers for sharing their holiday with us; we had a great time and, as always it was lovely to spend time with you all!

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